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Elevating Reboot’s Work Redesigning the Jewish Experience

July 28th, 2021

As an arts and culture nonprofit reimagining and reinforcing Jewish thought and traditions, Reboot uses an inviting mix of discovery, experience, and reflection to engage people in Jewish life. In the past five years, more than 4 million participants found Jewish connections and meaning through Reboot—they become creators in their Jewish experience. Whether the engagement is an event, exhibition, recordings, book, film, DIY activity toolkit, or an app, the common link is the space Reboot offers to imagine Jewish ritual and tradition afresh.

Building on this success, Reboot is poised to reach more people and more meaningfully engage them through its new website, Rebooting.com


The creative firepower of our network and its projects are now matched by our ability to host and distribute them – our reach is growing. The relaunch of our website will bring even greater rigor, scale and impact to our work, engaging with our network and beyond to provide digital experiences for a modern Jewish life.
– Reboot CEO David Katznelson

Reboot Tashlich

More than just a website, Rebooting.com is a new brand and a robust digital platform that aims ambitiously to impact Jewish life through media, arts and culture, and become a tentpole digital destination for wandering and curious modern Jews everywhere. The new brand also will grow Reboot’s role as a premier research and development leader for the Jewish world. In this space, Reboot catalyzes its Reboot Network of preeminent creators, artists, entrepreneurs, and activists to produce experiences and products that evolve the Jewish conversation and transform society. 

Reboot has forged real relationships with Jews to whom I can relate — at work, at play, in spirit, and especially in our efforts on social justice. When I see a Reboot email it always feels like a little gift to unwrap: which unusual person will provoke some new thought today? Reboot is the community I turn to when I want a response to something important to me that might also be important to making the world better.
– Roy Bahat, member of Reboot Network.

Check out Rebooting.com to experience:

  • Reboot Ideas: a growth and continuation of our online (and one day offline!) conversations grappling with the issues of our day as seen through and impacted by our multiple Jewish identities – including the not-to-be-missed, Laurie Segall (60 Minutes) and Aza Raskin (The Social Dilemma) DAWN conversation about the ever-changing technology and social media landscape, and the ways they affect our perceptions of the future, and thus the future itself.
  • The Reboot Glossary: a Reboot spin on Jewish historic characters (known and unknown). Written by the likes of authors A.J. Jacobs and David Sax, writer and director Joey Soloway, rabbinical student Kendell Pinkney, and Jewish historian Eddy Portnoy, find entries on everything from Amtlai (Abraham’s mother ) and chutzpah to dybbuk,gefilte fish and more.

The Jim Joseph Foundation is a supporter of Reboot.