About Us

The Shimon Ben Joseph Foundation, commonly known as the Jim Joseph Foundation, (the Foundation), is committed to the legacy of its founder, Jim Joseph, z”l. The Foundation was established in 2006 as a private foundation, classified legally as a California Public Benefit Corporation. The Foundation is devoted exclusively to supporting Jewish education of youth and young adults in the United States.

Jim Joseph was a dedicated Jewish philanthropist who cared passionately about the education of Jewish children, youth, and young adults.

He believed that focusing on young people was the best way to preserve a strong Jewish faith and proud heritage, thereby ensuring success of the Jewish people for the future.


Our Impact

The Foundation seeks to inspire young people to shape for themselves what being Jewish means to them, and to help them integrate Jewish wisdom and practice with their other identities and interests.

Our Lasting Commitment

Jim Joseph, z"l, established the foundation motivated by his belief that the most important way to ensure the Jewish future is to invest in Jewish education for young people.

We affirm with conviction that Jewish ideas and the Jewish people have a critical role to play in improving the lives of individuals, communities, and the world.

Our 3,500 years of history and sacred debate offer learning and values that enrich and inspire. Jewish communities, with their shared sense of purpose and obligation, propel us to come together in pursuit of deeper knowledge and collective action.

Jewish learning occurs in many spaces and takes many forms: formal classroom settings; experiential settings like homes, camps, retreats, service and travel experiences; engagement with Jewish content and ideas through a range of media both online and offline; and through relationships and conversations with friends, family, teachers, role models and study partners. Based on both intensive planning and extensive study the Foundation conducted in 2006, the Foundation developed a vision for its grantmaking. In its next chapter, the Jim Joseph Foundation seeks to build on these past investments by supporting inspiring Jewish leaders and educators and the continued expansion and evolution of Jewish learning.


Today, the Foundation works with grantee partners who either themselves or through educators they train influence the lives of young children, youth, and young adults. We cultivate and support Jewish leaders and educators who are inspiring and know how to inspire others, as well as Jewish learning experiences that are uniquely relevant today.

Mission, Vision & Values

The Board embraces its responsibility to sustain the values and to expand the generous philanthropy of its founding donor.

The mission, vision, and a set of core values that inform our work:

  • To foster compelling, effective Jewish learning experiences for young Jews.
  • More young Jews engage in ongoing Jewish learning and choose to live vibrant Jewish lives.
  • Ongoing Jewish learning adds meaning and value to people’s lives.
  • Jewish experiences and Jewish expression are dynamic and evolving.
  • Personal connections to the people, land, and state of Israel are part of excellent Jewish education.
  • Jewish wisdom and practice integrates with young people’s lives today.