Young adults

Moishe House Peer-Led Retreats – Interview Highlights and Insights

August 14th, 2017

The purpose of this qualitative research project was to understand the Moishe House Peer-Led Retreat Program and to gain insight intofurther improvements to be made to the existing model.  The Peer-Led Retreat Program currently recruits and equips Jewish young adults with the skills to lead a weekend Jewish retreat for a group of their peers. Data for this research were gathered during the 2016 calendar year through review of nine responses to a written feedback survey designed and administered by Moishe House, and through phone interviews conducted by the Jim Joseph Foundation with five retreat facilitators and two retreat participants.  The common themes that emerged were used to organize and frame the insights, recommendations, and questions below.

Moishe House Peer-Led Retreats – Interview Highlights and Insights, August 2017