Atra’s Rabbi Experience Research

– by Benenson Strategy Group

March 21st, 2023

This research, the first of its kind in a generation, explores the impact of rabbis on Jewish young adults (ages 18 44) in the United States. This study examines their experiences with rabbis and how those experiences have influenced their connections to Judaism and Jewish communities, shaped their perceptions of rabbis, and their ideas of what a rabbi should be.

Atra conducts research regularly to better understand what the Jewish community needs from its rabbis and in turn, what leadership models and tools will help these leaders be most successful. This research informs the organization’s approach to continuing education to support rabbis as well as advance the field of Jewish spiritual leadership. In an effort to build the field of applied rabbinic training, Atra set out to create a baseline understanding of how young American Jews experience rabbis and what they want in a rabbi. The goals of this inaugural study were to:

  1. Develop a comprehensive picture of what “rabbi” means to American Jews aged 18 44
  2. Explore young Jews’ experiences and interactions with rabbis (past and present)
  3. Learn about what young Jews want from a rabbi going forward

The Rabbi Effect: The Perception and Impact of Rabbis Among American Jews 18-44Executive Summary, Benenson Strategy Group, March 2023

Rabbi Experience Research, Full Report, Benenson Strategy Groups, March 2023