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Leadership Development: A Strategy Emerges, Investments are Made

By Barry Finestone and Seth Linden on October 23rd, 2017

The challenges facing the future of Jewish leadership are well-chronicled—from identifying talent, to training and retaining leaders, to ensuring that Jewish organizations are utilizing leaders to their full abilities. As we have shared, the Foundation understands the urgent need to address these challenges—and is taking action. After a strategy retreat in August, the Foundation’s Board of Directors affirmed a commitment to increase its support for talented and inspiring Jewish educators and leaders. While the Foundation has supported Jewish education leadership over its past 11 years, actions over the past several months have reinforced a more proactive, field-building and risk-tolerant approach. An emerging leadership development strategy is taking shape and guiding critical investment decisions. The Foundation’s recent $3 million investment ...More

Launching an Investment Strategy in Jewish Educational Leadership

By Seth Linden on April 25th, 2017

How might the Jewish world create, nurture and develop the next generation of Jewish education leaders? The professional staff and board at the Jim Joseph Foundation for the last 18 months have closely explored this question—drawing on 11 years of experience investing in Jewish educators, in Jewish learning experiences for youth, and in building the field of Jewish education to inform our answer. Through this exploration, we have gained an understanding that  supporting talented leaders is mission-aligned with supporting effective Jewish educators and helping to build the field in which they work. Specifically, investing in current and future leaders in Jewish education organizations is a leveraged strategy to achieve the Foundation’s broader mission. Many are now familiar with the ...More

The Day(s) After: Civil Discourse and Why Genuine Leadership Matters Above All Else

By Barry Finestone on January 24th, 2017

As we wade into uncharted waters as a country, I want to try and step back just a bit to explore what I believe is an especially essential quality for organizations and organizational leaders within our field to exhibit at this moment: genuine leadership. I also want to offer some thoughts about the role and responsibility of Jewish education in fostering and supporting this leadership. Over the last few months, many organizational heads, education leaders, educators, and yes, funders, have been asked in various ways to help make sense of the Presidential election, to formulate “a response,” and to devise some type of path forward about which all can feel positive. Already, in the words written above, I have stepped into a ...More

CEO Onboarding: An investment in the Jewish Future

By Dov Ben-Shimon and Abby Porth on June 16th, 2016

This blog appeared originally in eJewishPhilanthropy.  How do we hire and fire? What constitutes leadership? And what’s the difference between leadership and management? What are the values of Jewish institutions? And how should their executives display them? One of us (Dov) has been CEO of his Jewish Federation for slightly more than 18 months; the other (Abby) starts officially in her new role July 1. And together, with nine colleagues from across the nation, we form the first cohort in the innovative CEO Onboarding Pilot Program. We come from a diverse collection of Jewish federations, public/community relations and service organizations that work to create robust, vibrant Jewish communities. At this time when our American Jewish community is refashioning how ...More

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