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Sharing Early Insights: Lessons Learned from the Jewish Teen Education & Engagement Funder Collaborative

By Sara Allen on June 13th, 2017

Four years ago, Effective Strategies for Educating and Engaging Jewish Teens was released, a report that brought to the fore promising models and practical ways for communities to engage teens in Jewish experiences that enrich their lives and help them grow. On the heels of the report, national and local funders representing ten communities took action, coming together to study the findings, commission additional groundbreaking reports, and to design responsive local teen engagement initiatives. Ultimately, the group evolved into a robust community: the Jewish Teen Education and Engagement Funder Collaborative. The Funder Collaborative is an innovative philanthropic experiment – a network of funders working together to develop, fund, support and grow new teen initiatives that ...More

Shared Measurement Tools for Jewish Education: Could It Happen?

By Josh Miller on October 14th, 2014

Within Jewish tradition, an appreciation for the importance of shared measurement tools dates back to biblical times. In Deuteronomy 25:15 the Torah teaches: “a perfect and honest measure shall you have, so that your days shall be lengthened on the land…” There are many reasons why it is valuable to have and to honor our universal systems for measurement. These fundamental tools enable us to describe what we observe, compare like items, and draw conclusions from these comparisons. And yet, despite the implicit value of shared measures, the process of developing such tools is not always simple. The Challenge of Establishing Shared Measurement in Jewish Education In the field of Jewish education, establishing universal measures to assess learning outcomes is particularly challenging. Within ...More

A New Experiment in National-Local Funder Collaboration

By Josh Miller on February 28th, 2014

About ten months ago, following the release of the research report Effective Strategies for Educating and Engaging Jewish Teens, eJewishPhilanthropy ran a blog series that provided a range of perspectives in response to the report's key findings. The series' authors discussed numerous programs that successfully influence teens and their Jewish journeys. They also challenged us--to fundamentally rethink our communal approach to Jewish teen education. Why? Some 80% of today's Jewish teens do not opt in to the Jewish experiences offered in their communities. If we believe in the value of Jewish exploration during the adolescent years, then we need new strategies to capture the interests of many more of today's teens. This challenge left the Jim Joseph Foundation asking some ...More

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