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Hiddur: Deepening Jewish Experiences at Summer Camp

By Joel Einleger, Aaron Saxe, and Aimee Weiss on May 16th, 2016

This blog on Hiddur ran originally in eJewishPhilanthropy Think for a moment of nearly any activity you associate with Jewish camp. Whatever comes to mind, chances are that the experience is communal, engaging, and fun. Now, more camps increasingly recognize that any camp experience can also be a quality Jewish experience for their campers and staff – if designed in a thoughtful, intentional way. Over the last decade, multiple investments by different funders have focused on developing the Jewish experience at camp, and camps now have a wide range of professional development and training opportunities with this focus available to their seasonal and year-round staff. The field’s enthusiastic reception of these offerings has shown a steady appetite for learning ...More

To Every Season Turn, Turn, Turn: A Time of Change at the Jim Joseph Foundation

By Chip Edelsberg on April 14th, 2015

I hope you enjoyed a meaningful Pesach with family and friends. In this month’s blog, I want to share with you several significant personnel changes at the Foundation. Sandy Edwards, the Foundation’s Associate Director since 2006, will step down in June of this year. After I was named Executive Director, Sandy was the first person I brought on board as I built the Foundation’s professional team. If you have had the privilege to work with Sandy, you are well aware of her life-long commitment to Jewish education; her understanding of multiple ways to assess Jewish learning; and her strong desire to share best practices. Many of the Foundation’s standard operating procedures regarding its evaluation program and model documentation were conceptualized ...More

The “Fine Print” of A Grant Agreement

By Steven Green on January 31st, 2014

On one of my first days of Negotiations class at Goizueta Business School, Professor Earl Hill explained that the negotiation of terms was often more important than bargaining for price.  Often, a car buyer will invest a multitude of hours doing research on the exact make, model, and even color of the vehicle to purchase.  After visiting multiple dealerships, comparing Blue Book prices and even figuring out the appropriate trade-in value of an old vehicle, the buyer will enter the dealership ready to pay a firmly fixed price. The terms, including the financing, closing costs, documentation fee, and even timing of the sale, may not even enter into the consumer’s mindset, even though they greatly influence the overall expense incurred. How ...More

Working in a Relational Way

By on October 3rd, 2012

In advance of its upcoming Board meeting, the Jim Joseph Foundation Board of Directors invited a small group of community thought leaders to submit a “Madrich Narrative” addressing the following question: What “big idea” for supporting Jewish education would you propose the Jim Joseph Foundation fund? The Board first conducted this activity as part of its August 2006 Retreat, shortly after the Foundation’s inception. That set of “Madrich Narratives” became a source of inspiration to the Foundation in pursuing an agenda of strategic grantmaking. To this day, the original madrichim papers foster thought-provoking discussion. For this round of papers (which we hope eventually to distribute to the field), Jim Joseph Foundation Executive Director Chip Edelsberg was asked to submit his ...More

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