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B’Yadenu Toolkit Now Available

November 7th, 2017

B’Yadenu, which in Hebrew means “In Our Hands,” is a project designed to shift a whole school to cohesively and collaboratively work to better serve all learners. This includes staff, administrators, leaders, and other stakeholders. B’Yadenu emphasizes coordinated and strategic professional development among them all as the engine to drive improvement for the entire student body. By ensuring a good education for atypical learners, schools ensure good education for all learners.

Now, the B’Yadenu Toolkit is available to help school teams through a Logic Model approach to managing organizational change. The toolkit contains 12 building blocks, through which school teams will plan and monitor progress toward meeting their defined professional development goals. B’Yadenu is rooted in collaboration and emphasizes teacher leadership.

B’Yadenu is a collaboration between Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP), Gateways: Access to Jewish Education, select Boston-area and Washington, DC-area schools (with funding from the Jim Joseph Foundation and the Ruderman Family Foundation).

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