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How volunteering becomes a way in for millennials distanced from the Jewish community

By JTA, August 1st, 2017

This is the second article in a series examining Jewish groups engaging young professionals. Read the first part here. NEW YORK (JTA) — As a college student, Jake Max assumed he would work in banking or consulting after graduation. That was the path favored by many of his classmates. But after experiencing the 2016 presidential campaign his senior year at Emory University, Max was spurred to action and decided to apply for a yearlong social justice fellowship. “I just saw how stratified the country ...More

CEO Onboarding Program announces Second Cohort

By eJewishPhilanthropy, July 10th, 2017

Leading Edge, the Alliance for Excellence in Jewish Leadership, has announced the 14 participants in Cohort Two of its CEO Onboarding Program, a 12-month leadership development experience designed to help senior leaders of Jewish organizations confront the unique challenges and opportunities facing the American Jewish community. These new cohort members represent a diverse swath of executive directors and CEOs from Jewish nonprofit organizations. Over the course of the CEO Onboarding Program, cohort members will forge connections with peers in the American Jewish ...More

Success in San Francisco: The Impact of Resource Specialists in Jewish Early Childhood Education

By Denise Moyes-Schnur, Gleanings, July 6th, 2017

Imagine—what would it be like to have a child in a program that provided an educator who was dedicated to helping teachers deepen their reflective practice as well as their Jewish knowledge? And, what if this person worked as a concierge to engage young families in Jewish life in the broader community? Actually, imagination is not necessary. Six years ago, the Early Childhood and Family Engagement Initiative (ECFE) in San Francisco filled this position for Jewish preschools. With generous funding from the Jim ...More

Jewish teens: Finding activities after bar/bat mitzvah

By Darren Schwartz, San Diego Jewish World, June 21st, 2017

NEW YORK — In my last column I identified a major challenge in Jewish teen engagement the stems from a disconnect in the values and traditions associated with bar/bat mitzvah. The ceremony that symbolizes a child’s commitment to live a Jewish life relies on an implicit notion that he or she will know how to do it.  This is not a judgment on Jewish education, nor the values and traditions imparted by families. It is a recognition of a challenge in preparing b’nai mitzvah students for ...More

Preparing to Deepen Action: A Funder Collaborative Finds its Way

By IssueLab, June 20th, 2017

The formation of the Jewish Teen Education and Engagement Funder Collaborative was the result of a process begun by the Jim Joseph Foundation in 2013. At that time, in an effort to spawn innovative, locally sustainable teen engagement programs, the Jim Joseph Foundation brought together an array of funders to explore various approaches. The first 24 months of this deliberate process in which ten local and five national funders undertook to educate themselves, build relationships and co-invest in community-based Jewish teen education ...More

At 10 Years, Newly Merged UpStart Embarks on Next Phase to Support Jewish Innovation

By eJewishPhilanthropy, May 10th, 2017

San Francisco, CA – As it marks its 10-year anniversary and completes a landmark merger, UpStart today announced its next phase in supporting communities advancing innovation in Jewish education and Jewish life. The organization has received new support from a coordinated group of funders, setting it on a path to elevate its place as a national intermediary supporting Jewish innovation nationwide. “As we maintain the vibrancy of our current programs, we also look towards the future with deliberate and thoughtful planning to ...More

High-tech, low barriers: new study advances the digital future of Jewish learning

By JNS, May 10th, 2017

By day, Liora Brosbe is the family engagement officer for the Jewish Federation of the East Bay in Berkeley, Calif., where she reaches out to the community with a menu of opportunities for “connecting to Jewish life and each other.” But when she’s not at work, Brosbe’s main job is raising three kids, ages 2, 6 and 8. Their home? A laboratory for Jewish learning strategies. “Yes, they’re little petri dishes,” their mom, who is also a psychotherapist, says with a laugh. “Like most ...More

Rebooting Judaism

By Beacon, April 28th, 2017

Do the Innovative Communities of the Jewish Emergent Network Hold a Key to the Jewish Future? On a summer Shabbat in 2009, Rabbi David Ingber stood under a chuppah (canopy) with his son at a synagogue on New York City’s Upper West Side. The celebration was not a wedding, however; it was a naming ceremony for the rabbi’s newborn. The baby was placed on a stack of prayer shawls inside the open Torah, and blessings were recited in a ceremony described by ...More

iCenter Fellowship Encourages Broader Approach to Education About Israel

By Philadelphia Jewish Exponent, April 26th, 2017

You know iPhones, iPads and iTunes — now meet the iCenter. Although the name could easily be that of a new Apple product, the “I” in iCenter stands for Israel. The iCenter, a North American nonprofit based in Chicago, provides learning opportunities and tools for Jewish education professionals to enhance Israel education. There are more than 150 iFellows across North America who participated in the iCenter fellowship, a yearlong master’s concentration program in Israel education. The goal of the program is to fashion an approach to ...More

The Value of the CEO Onboarding Program

By eJewishPhilanthropy, April 25th, 2017

By Dov Ben-Shimon and Stefanie Rhodes

Once you accept the role of CEO at a major American Jewish organization, there’s no road map for how to become a leader. In theory, our past experiences had prepared us for new positions. No one prepared us, or our colleagues in Cohort One of the CEO Onboarding Program, for that first day walking through the door into our new roles. We came in with so many questions. What are the obvious missteps to avoid? ...More

Unmasking the wild, unexpected faces of contemporary Israeli arts

By J Weekly, April 24th, 2017

Yair Dalal plays blues-inspired Iraqi tunes on the oud. Ibrahim Miari whirls like a Sufi dervish while wearing a gas mask from the Gulf War. Raafat Hattab lip-syncs as his alter ego, the Bride of Palestine; Elad Schechter’s dancers throw bananas at their audiences in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market; and Iris Zaki films herself washing Arab and Jewish women’s hair in a Haifa salon. This is the face of Israeli culture today, as expressed by a group of Jewish and Muslim artists, musicians, dancers and filmmakers brought to the East Bay this ...More

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