Jewish Resource Specialist, Early Childhood Education Initiative

November 14th, 2014

JRS is a flagship initiative of the Early Childhood Education Initiative (ECEI) of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties. The overarching goals of JRS are to deepen the overall Jewish experience in Bay Area Early Childhood Jewish Education (ECJE) institutions and support parents in making Jewish choices for their families while supporting the ongoing professionalization of the ECJE field.

JRS achieves its goals through hiring a seasoned preschool teacher to serve as a JRS educator in each site. Each JRS educator is compensated for an additional 10 hours per week and receives professional development and leadership training focused on Jewish learning and knowledge. Utilizing this additional time, knowledge and support, the JRS educators:

  • Plan and implement Jewish family engagement programming for JRS schools, and
  • Serve as in-house resources and mentors of Jewish education and pedagogic content within JRS schools.

JRS was designed as a demonstration project with intentions to replicate, adapt and/or scale. This three year pilot program launched in 2011 at five Jewish Early Childhood Education (ECE) sites in the Bay Area. In June 2014, a new $1.75 million grant was allocated to expand the JRS program from 5 to 15 Jewish ECE sites in the Bay Area, broadening this hands-on Jewish learning program to include hundreds of local children, teachers and preschool parents.

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